Eco friendly paper products

SADO Co Ltd is committed to providing eco friendly paper products. Eco friendly grey board hard case binding for book binding is available here.

We believe that every company should do whatever it can to ensure its business is as eco friendly as possible. Without safeguarding the Earth’s natural resources - its forests, rivers and air supply - life as we know it would cease to exist, and business too.

As suppliers of various printing products, we may not have much say in whether the methods governing the production of machinery and equipment are eco friendly, however we can make sure that our paper products are coming from a responsible source. Recycled paper products also help safeguard the Earth’s forests.

FSC Certified Eco Friendly Paper Products | Sado Co Ltd

Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council with certificate code: CU-COC-814423 and license code: FSC-C102237 with standard: FSC-STD-40-004 V2-1 issued: 05-10-2010 and expires: 04-10-2020.

FSC certified because WE CARE

WE CARE about the environment and the welfare of our planet.

WE CARE about promoting the responsible management of the world’s forests.

WE CARE about the environmental, social and economic benefits that responsible forest management can offer.

WE CARE that our paper products come from responsibly managed forests.

WE CARE that you can have peace of mind that paperboard purchased from SADO Co Ltd is forest friendly and planet friendly.

SADO Co Ltd supplies eco friendly paper products and recycled paper because we know YOU CARE.