Guillotine blade sharpening

Rely on SADO Co Ltd for guillotine blade sharpening / grinding on an ongoing basis and never worry about the quality of paper cutting at your printing press. 

Guillotines are an essential part of the finishing of the final product to emerge from the printing press. Whether printing books or flyers, paper cutting is an important part of the printing process. A sharp blade means the cut is clean and your final product is up to standard.

Do not wait until your guillotine blade is blunt; get SADO Co Ltd to sharpen it regularly and continue your operations uninterrupted.

Service for quality paper cutting

Contact us to find out how we can manage your guillotine blade sharpening for you with the least effort from your side.

We also supply a large variety of guillotines and trimmers for clean and precise paper cutting for desktop, office and industrial use.

SADO Co Ltd is your trusted partner in the printing industry.