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ACHIEVE T400/T800 Platesetters

High-level quality. Entry-level cost.

KODAK ACHIEVE T400/T800 Platesetters deliver the stability and reliability of Kodak’s thermal CTP technology at exceptional value. So you can provide print quality that sets you apart from your competition – without breaking the bank.

Exceptional quality and value

KODAK ACHIEVE T400/T800 Platesetters are robust and reliable CTP devices that deliver the stability of Kodak’s thermal light-valve imaging technology at a surprisingly low cost. They’re based on the successful KODAK TRENDSETTER Platesetter platform and available with a variety of automation and speed options.

Automate your plate loading

The ACHIEVE T400/T800 Platesetter now has another automation option to help you grow your business. The new Multi-Cassette Unit (MCU) offers automated plate loading and unloading of up to 480 plates. With the MCU, you can have up to four different plate sizes online for improved efficiency and productivity. Five automation options are available, so you can choose the level that matches your business requirements.

Control on the go

Attend to your CTP devices from wherever you are, using only a mobile phone, with Kodak’s Mobile CTP Control App. With the help of its timely alerts and notifications, you’ll soon be monitoring devices, managing job queues and running multiple CTPs – from anywhere.

Available now for newer models of KODAK MAGNUS, ACHIEVE, and TRENDSETTER Platesetters, with support for older models coming soon.


Thermal imaging technology that’s proven

ACHIEVE Platesetters use Kodak’s TH5 Imaging Technology, which is based on our proven thermal light-valve technology, delivering incredible accuracy and stability. Thermal technology enables true process free plate making, helping you reduce your environmental impact with KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates.

Less power. Less waste.

ACHIEVE Platesetters can be an important part of your company’s sustainability strategy. Our latest models let you save power in prepress–over both our previous CTP devices and the competition–without sacrificing productivity or uptime. ACHIEVE T400/T800 Platesetters use only 400 watts of power while imaging, up to 93% less than some competitive devices. Pair an ACHIEVE Platesetter with SONORA Process Free Plates and you’re saving energy, water, and chemistry, in prepress, plus reducing waste in the pressroom with accurate and stable plates.

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