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Reduce waste and save big

With SONORA Process Free Plates, you completely eliminate plate processing, including all the time, chemistry, water, energy, cost, and variability that go along with it. Reduce your impact on the environment and save money, both in prepress and on press.

SONORA Plates are designed to fit into just about any print environment. With fast imaging speeds, long run lengths, UV capability, excellent resolutions, and broad compatibility with presses, inks, and founts, SONORA can match the performance of unbaked wet processed plates in most applications.

Unlock hidden savings

In prepress, the savings are easy to see. No more chemistry and disposal, no more water or electricity used for processing, and no more processor maintenance expenses.

Even bigger savings are found in the pressroom, although these savings aren’t as obvious. Faster makereadies and greater dot stability save time, paper, and money. Eliminating processing also means no more plate processing defects that cause press downtime and waste.


By eliminating the need for chemicals and reducing the use of water and electricity in prepress, SONORA Plates reduce environmental waste, help you meet local regulatory requirements, and appeal to buyers who are looking for sustainable print.


The best process free plate just got better.

  • Fast enough for the fastest platesetters, including the new 80 pph MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter with T-speed
  • Image contrast 3 times better than SONORA X
  • Improved handling robustness

ELECTRA MAX Thermal Plate

Long run lengths in UV applications, maximum resolutions, and fast imaging, so printers can get all the benefits of UV without sacrificing plate performance.
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